Seeing moments pass by

Small things like playing with street kids on the road, striking a simple conversation with a co-passenger in the train, making strangers smile, asking rikshaw-wallas their name and chatting up or helping someone unknown have always made my day and lit up my face with a huge smile. These are simple moments that I stumble upon and act naturally and almost effortlessly. Actually, once you get into this habit of making people smile it is almost addictive.

There have been days when I have consciously looked for such opportunities to make my day. After my encounter with Jayesh bhai, Nipun, Vinod and the likes I started calling these small interactions ‘RAK- random acts of kindness’ or the famous ‘Smile card moments’ !

However, Last week I was a bit disappointed with my self. I let three such opportunities pass by.

Monday morning, I was on my way to work in an auto rickshaw. I saw two young ladies teaching about 15 kids all dressed in blue school uniforms sitting under the shade of  a tree on the  footpath (pedestrian way) of a busy main road in Andheri. I so badly wanted to get off the rickshaw, just meet the kids, get some chocolates, appreciate the teachers and see if there was any other way I could be of service but by the time I could act I had left them far behind!

Then on thursday, I was travelling by an auto rickshaw stuck at a signal at juhu galli. I noticed a 10yr old girl on the side of the road. She was holding her left ankle, taking the support of the wall and trying to balance her self while tears rolled down her face. I guess she had fallen down and was hurt badly. Many thoughts passed by. In my head, I was working out what to do next. Should I leave the rickshaw, should I take her to the doctor or may be just drop her home. But by the time I could get my act together the signal lights turned green and the auto rickshaw zoomed in the direction of my house. Another opportunity missed. 😦

Lastly on Saturday, four of us friends went on a bike ride to Lonavala – a beautiful hill station near Mumbai. Just before the toll naka I saw a dead dog lay right in the middle of the freeway. I just wanted to tell my friend Pariket to stop and we could bury the dog or at least put his body on the side of the road. But for some reason I found my mouth stitched .. just couldn’t say anything to him. Don’t know why ?  I am not one of those people who fears what people think? or wastes time in contemplating ! When we reached the incredibly beautiful hilltop I couldn’t help but think of the dead dog. It disturbed me for a while and I was hoping we will find him on our way back but we ended up taking a different route.

I wish I could go back in time to each of these moments and ACT. I regret that inspite of the desire being there I did not act but at the same time I am glad I feel that way. Next time when an opportunity shows up I will remember to grab it before the moment passes by.

No contemplating! And no holding back!

Games on ! waiting for the next one 🙂

9 thoughts on “Seeing moments pass by

  1. I think most of us very often let moments like this pass us by. But just the act of being aware of what we missed may prompt us to act next time.
    Many years ago when I was a school student, we travelled to Nepal for a holiday. At Birgunj station we came across a coolie who had been run over by a train and lost both his arms. He was alive , bleeding , conscious and groaning Ram Ram . I knew first aid and may have been able to help him. But the sight of him scared me so much that we just went to the station master’s cabin and asked him to send a stretcher to take the coolie to a hospital which was done . But I could have done more!!

      • yeah, the corn pokadas are an absolute delight. We (8 friends) ended up spending about Rs.700/- just on those pakodas and a plate of maggie.
        BTW, have you tried the cheese ones? they are good if you like cheese that is …
        And nice to know that your ride was good. Someday I am also going to muster up enough courage to do one.

  2. Hey Sachi,
    I am just a Lonavala enthusiast who happen to arrive on your blog by chance. I often contemplated doing a bike ride from Mumbai to Lonavala but never ended up being courageous enough.
    Anyway, how was the ride itself? and sorry about the dog incident. Its difficult to react in such situations. But, I completely agree with you on “No contemplating! And no holding back!”, after all we just live once.

  3. i asked my lovely singing teacher , why he is so content all the time.
    he said, why not… 🙂
    being in the moment ,strange as it sounds, is hard. cause we have been ever conditioned not to.and the rattle of thoughts clambering for attention makes it that much harder

    one of the ways to be content i to not analyze either happiness or sadness.just breath.relax the body.even when times r tough.that leads to much good.and the smile will then find comfort in returning

    be happy, be simple, walk lightly, sing sweetly… be who u are…who else can you be!!!

  4. man!! i can actually relate to all this!!! this is so true, sometimes just smiling also takes up so much of courage….thanks for sharing this Sachmo

  5. Sachiko!
    Lovely blog and lovely post.
    Thanks for this reflection — and for all the countless opportunities for kindness that have not passed you by!

  6. It was a lot like reading my own mind, only you have explored your abilities more and been more in sync with your spontaneity than I have. And I know it’s not my place to ask something of you for it is, but I have a feeling you might understand me when I say that I’d love to see more honesty in your posts like ‘Seeing moments pass by’ was great, but something more grave and a little more honest would be a great read from you to make this a little more human. Sorry if I sound like a customer trying to buy a saree(!)
    Great work making people smile.

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